Presale walkthrough

Presale Walkthrough

Is your house up for sale or are you thinking of listing? There are many things you do to stage your house for a quick sale such as cleaning, painting, and decluttering. However none of those affect the home inspection. No matter what house an inspector walks into they are always going to find multiple improvement and safety items. Even if it is all little things it still affects the perception of how well the home was maintained. Buyers really appreciate a well maintained home. The less defects there are on an inspection report the smoother the sale will go. At S&K Services LLC we offer a Presale Walkthrough.   

Here is how it works. We come in and take a walk around the interior and the exterior of the property with you. We point out items we see as a defect and make any recommendations we can. There is no report so make sure you have your notepad and camera ready. It only takes about an hour. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.