I am writing to recommend Scott Wade for home inspections. He recently did one for me and was great with the buyer, very informative but overall very positive. His rate is very reasonable as well.
 Lisa K.

Great to have a new inspector in town!!! Scott was super friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home inspection process. I will definitely recommend him for future inspections. 

Rhonda N.

Good Experience! Scott was super fast and professional. Reports were well put together and easy to understand. he answers any questions on site during the inspection. 

Will W.

Great Inspection!!! Scott inspected our new home and we are very pleased with his work. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and wrote a thorough report of the property. He also responded quickly and was flexible in setting the appointment time around our needs. I highly recommend him to other home buyers. 

Rebecca M.

 Scott with S&K Services was super friendly, even recommended a  Septic service.  He was punctual and got right to work.  Inspection  report was received in a timely manner and easy to read. 

Jeanne M.

 Scott was great. He inspected 2 properties for us. The first one fell  through and he came out two the second property at a discounted rate.  With both inspections he had the report to us with in 24 hours and he  responded to questions after getting the reports from labs right away. I  highly recommend S&K services. The reports are to the point and  easy to understand. There is no fluff. Great company! 

Jessica H.

 Scott identified serious safety issues with the house we were buying and  it enabled us to have seller fix them prior to us buying the home.     We are very grateful for his thoroughness and how quickly he was able to  inspect the property. 

Dianne C.

 He was honest and thorough. I needed an inspection in a pinch and he really came through. Highly recommend his service! 

Thumbtack Customer

 Scott called me back immediately. Was very professional, responded to my  request for a home inspection.  His report was very thorough (19 pages  long) and easy to understand. I would not hesitate to hire Scott again.  It is refreshing when you can hire someone who calls you back and does  what is needed. 

Linda T.

 Scott was amazing, best money I ever spend!  From the first phone call  to the last, Scott was very responsive.  Scott is very knowledgeable in  his profession.  Scott was punctual, and had to deal with a rather  strange situation before I arrived and he was nothing but professional.   Scott took the time to explain things to me both during and after the  inspection.  Scott was very timely in sending his report and called to  follow up on the phone with items that might become bigger problems if  not addressed.  The service's Scott provided exceeded my expectations in  every way.  Scott's prices are reasonable.  I will be purchasing  another property soon and cannot wait to use S&K Services again!  THANK YOU! 

Tara M.

 Purchasing a new home is a big life changing decision and comes with  many responsibilities as well as many stressors. With that being said,  the home inspector shouldn't be one of them. Scott with  S&K  services  is thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to answer  all of my questions without hesitation and he explained everything to  my satisfaction. His report is complete and professional. It contains  everything you need to know regarding the structure and the mechanicals  with  pictures to refer to.  Being able to trust my home inspector was  such a load off my shoulders. 

Betsy K.